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Anne Bradstreet - Literary Style and Themes - Intended Audience
... recognizing her intended audience, one can get an idea of how life was for Puritan women ... History.org Puritan women were required to attend worship services, yet they could not to speak or offer prayer ... Women were also not allowed to attend town meetings or be involved in the decisions that were discussed ...

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    I would wish that the women of our country could embrace ... [the responsibilities] of citizenship as peculiarly their own. If they could apply their higher sense of service and responsibility, their freshness of enthusiasm, their capacity for organization to this problem, it would become, as it should become, an issue of profound patriotism. The whole plane of political life would be lifted.
    Herbert Hoover (1874–1964)

    Reprehension is a kind of middle thing betwixt admonition and correction: it is sharpe admonition, but a milde correction. It is rather to be used because it may be a meanes to prevent strokes and blowes, especially in ingenuous and good natured children. [Blows are] the last remedy which a parent can use: a remedy which may doe good when nothing else can.
    William Gouge, Puritan writer. As quoted in The Rise and Fall of Childhood by C. John Sommerville, ch. 11 (rev. 1990)