Organization For Security and Co-operation in Europe - Politico-military Dimension (first Dimension)

Politico-military Dimension (first Dimension)

The OSCE takes a comprehensive approach to the politico-military dimension of security, which includes a number of commitments by participating States and mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution. The organization also seeks to enhance military security by promoting greater openness, transparency and co-operation.

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Organization For Security And Co-operation In Europe - Politico-military Dimension (first Dimension) - Implementation
... national election in September 1996,human rights issues and rule of law specifically designed to provide a foundation for judicial organization within Bosnia and Herzegovina ... The OSCE had regional offices and field offices,to include the office in Brcko in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina which remained in limbo until the Brcko Arbitration Agreement could be decided,finalized and ... Brcko become a special district"and remains so today ...

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