Moral Thinking

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Twentieth Century Developments - Two-level Utilitarianism
... do justice to the general rules that people need for moral education and character development and he proposes that “a difference between act-utilitari ... general inculcation is for the best harm is more likely to come, in actual moral situations, from questioning these rules than from sticking to them, unless the situations are very extra-ordinary the ... the situation and no personal biases or weaknesses and always uses critical moral thinking to decide the right thing to do the ‘prole’ is the hypothetical person who is completely incapable of critical ...
Two-level Utilitarianism
... and combining them, and as a way of solving the problem of what to do when moral rules conflict ... In such a situation, Hare advocated that one change one's mode of moral thinking to a second 'critical' level, and behave like an act utilitarian ... levels, Hare posited two extreme cases of people, one of whom would only use critical moral thinking and the other of whom would only use intuitive moral thinking ...

Famous quotes containing the words thinking and/or moral:

    O love is the crooked thing,
    There is nobody wise enough
    To find out all that is in it,
    For he would be thinking of love
    Till the stars had run away
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    Style is not neutral; it gives moral directions.
    Martin Amis (b. 1949)