Moral Rules

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Bernard Gert - Normative Ethics - Exceptions To The Rules: The Two-Step Procedure
... Gert holds that the moral rules are not absolute, but admit of exceptions ... To determine whether a moral rule applies in a certain case or whether there is an exception, Gert advises people to follow what he calls the "two step procedure." The first step is to ... the consequences of other people knowing that they can violate the moral rule in similar circumstances ...
Pyotr Tkachev
... "Moral rules are established for the benefit of the hostel, and because compliance with them mandatory for everyone ... But the moral rule, like all terrestrial, has the character of a relative, and the importance of determined by the importance of the interest for whose protection it is created.. ... Not all moral rules are equal, and, moreover, "not just different rules may vary in their importance, but even the importance of one and the same rules in various cases of its application, may vary up to infinity ...
Two-level Utilitarianism
... Two-level utilitarianism can be seen as an attempt to bypass objections to act and rule utiliarianism by borrowing the best features of both theories and combining them, and as a way of ... that on a day to day basis, one should think and act like a rule utilitarian and follow a set of intuitive prima facie rules, in order to avoid human error and bias ... an unusual situation, either where two rules contradict each other or where the normal rules would specify a course of action that is obviously not the most beneficial ...
Twentieth Century Developments - Two-level Utilitarianism
... In Principles (1973) R.M.Hare accepts that rule utilitarianism collapses into act utilitarianism but claims that this is a result of allowing the rules to be 'as ... by increasing their generality.” This distinction between a ‘specific rule utilitarianism’ (which collapses into act utilitarianism) and ‘general rule utilitarianism ... are likely to prevent us doing the calculations properly, then we should use the more general rule utilitarianism ...

Famous quotes containing the words rules and/or moral:

    The rules of drinking games are taken more serious than the rules of war.
    Chinese proverb.

    Against my will, I became a witness to the most terrible defeat of reason and to the most savage triumph of brutality ever chronicled ... never before did a generation suffer such a moral setback after it had attained such intellectual heights.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)