Macedonia may refer to:

  • Republic of Macedonia, a modern country in southeastern Europe
  • Macedonia (Greece), a region of Greece
  • Macedonia (region), a wider geographical and historical region covering both of the above, as well as parts of Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia
Historical entities
  • Macedonia (ancient kingdom), also known as Macedon, the kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great
  • Macedonia (Roman province), a province of the early Roman Empire
  • Diocese of Macedonia, a late Roman administrative unit
  • Macedonia (theme), a province of the Byzantine Empire
  • Independent State of Macedonia, a proposed puppet state of the Axis powers during WWII
  • Socialist Republic of Macedonia, a constituent republic of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1944–1991), and the predecessor of the Republic of Macedonia
Other places
  • Macedônia, São Paulo, Brazil
  • Macedonia, Ciacova, Romania
  • In the United States;
    • Macedonia, Alabama
    • Macedonia, Georgia
    • Macedonia, Illinois
    • Macedonia, Indiana
    • Macedonia, Iowa
    • Macedonia, now Tinton Falls, New Jersey
    • Macedonia, Ohio
    • Macedonia, South Carolina
    • Macedonia, Tennessee
    • Macedonia, Virginia
Other uses
  • Macedonia (food), a fruit salad or vegetable dish
  • Macedonia (comics), a comic book by Harvey Pekar and Heather Roberson
  • Thessaloniki International Airport, "Macedonia", an airport in Greece previously known as Mikra Airport until 1992

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