Hutter or Hütter is a surname of German origin that refers to:

  • Gero Hütter (b. 1968), German hematologist, known for performing a bone marrow transplant on a patient with HIV
  • Gregory Hutter (b. 1971), American composer
  • Jacob Hutter (1500–1536), Tyrolean Anabaptist leader and founder of the Hutterites
  • Julia Hütter (b. 1983), German pole vaulter
  • Leonhard Hutter (1563–1616), German Lutheran theologian
  • Marcus Hutter (b. 1967), German physicist and computer scientist
  • Matt Hutter (b. 1971), American race car driver
  • Michael Hutter, American professional wrestler
  • Ralf Hütter (b. 1946), German musician and singer
  • Reinhard Hütter (contemporary), theologian and professor; Lutheran convert to Roman Catholicism
  • Ulrich W. Hutter (1910–1990), Austrian-German engineer and scientist
  • Wolfgang Hutter (b. 1928), Austrian painter, draughtsman, printmaker and stage designer

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