Ellen may refer to:

  • Ellen (given name), a female given name
  • Television programs with Ellen DeGeneres:
    • Ellen (TV series) (aka These Friends of Mine, 1994–1998), a sitcom about a bookstore owner
    • The Ellen Show (2001–2002), a sitcom about a woman returning to her hometown
    • The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003–present), a talk show that includes celebrity interviews
  • Ellen MacArthur or Dame Ellen, English sailor
  • Hurricane Ellen, 1973
  • River Ellen, a river in the English county of Cumbria
  • Tropical Storm Ellen (disambiguation)
  • USS Ellen, more than one United States Navy ship
  • Ellen (1883), a ship wrecked in South Australia

Famous quotes containing the word ellen:

    The barriers of conventionality have been raised so high, and so strangely cemented by long existence, that the only hope of overthrowing them exists in the union of numbers linked together by common opinion and effort ... the united watchword of thousands would strike at the foundation of the false system and annihilate it.
    —Mme. Ellen Louise Demorest 1824–1898, U.S. women’s magazine editor and woman’s club movement pioneer. Demorest’s Illustrated Monthly and Mirror of Fashions, p. 203 (January 1870)