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Seventh-day Adventist Theology - Overview - Source of Authority - Role of Ellen White
... approaches to theology are affected by the level of authority accorded the writings of Ellen White ... Mainstream Adventists believe that White had the spiritual gift of prophecy, but that her writings are inferior to the Bible, which has ultimate authority ... "The Inspiration and Authority of the Ellen G ...
Tongues In The Seventh-day Adventist Church - History - Early Counterfeit Incidents in Adventistism
... James White recorded the incident writing "There has been some division as to the time of beginning the Sabbath ... — Brother Chamberlain's words as recorded by James White - Letter to "My Dear Brother," July 2, 1848, written from Berlin, Connecticut ... In the summer of 1855, James White urged J.N ...
Criticism Of Ellen G. White
... Adventist Review El Centinela Signs of the Times List of Ellen White writings List of Seventh-day Adventist periodicals Adventist Archives Service Adventist Education Secondary Schools Higher Education Hospitals ... White James White Joseph Bates J ... of critics have voiced doubts as to the reliability of Ellen G ...
Leonard R. Brand - Seventh-day Adventist Church
... Spectrum El Centinela Adventist Today Signs of the Times List of Ellen White writings List of Seventh-day Adventist periodicals Service Adventist Education ... White James White Joseph Bates J ... Brand has published a book in response to the major critics of church founder Ellen G ...
Criticism Of Ellen G. White - Response To Criticism - Plagiarism
... Ramik, undertook a study of Ellen G ... White's writings during the early 1980s, and concluded that they were "conclusively unplagiaristic." When the plagiarism charge ignited a significant debate during the ... the conclusion of Ramik's report, he states "It is impossible to imagine that the intention of Ellen G ...

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    Nonwhite and working-class women, if they are ever to identify with the organized women’s movement, must see their own diverse experiences reflected in the practice and policy statements of these predominantly white middle-class groups.
    Kimberly Crenshaw (b. 1959)

    I know that each stage is not going to last forever. I used to think that when he was little. Whenever he was in a bad stage I thought that he was going to be like that for the rest of his life and that I’d better do something to shape him up. When he was in a good state, I thought he was going to be a perfect child and I would never have to worry; he was always going to stay that way.
    —Anonymous Parent of An Eight-Year-Old. As quoted in Between Generations by Ellen Galinsky, ch. 4 (1981)