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  • Fritz-chip, secure cryptoprocessor of the Trusted Computing Group
  • "Fritz" helmet, nickname for the Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops kevlar helmet currently used by the US Military
  • Fritz, alternate name for Devon sausage
  • Fritz handle, cane handle developed by a German count to make cane use by the arthritic sufferer more comfortable.
  • Chester Fritz Auditorium and Chester Fritz Library, facilities on the University of North Dakota campus in Grand Forks
  • Fritz Industries, manufacturing company based in Dallas, Texas
  • Fritz Tile, also spelled Fritztile, brand of resilient terrazzo floor tile
  • "On the fritz", phrase meaning an appliance is broken or malfunctioning (imitating the sound of electric spark)
  • Old Fritz is also a character who appears in the manga, Hetalia: Axis Powers, as Prussia's boss
  • Fritz (radio station), a German radio station

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