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Vladimir Triandafillov - Biography
... In these two works, he elaborated his deep operations theory about the future warfare ... The objective of a "deep operation" was to attack the enemy simultaneously throughout the depth of his ground force to induce a catastrophic failure in his defensive system ... then exploit this failure by breaking into the deep rear of the enemy and destroying his ability to rebuild his defenses ...
Battle Of The Hornburg - Terminology
... The event is sometimes called the Battle of Helm's Deep, a title which was never used by Tolkien but which is often used by readers and other fans ... the Hornburg (Anglo-Saxon = horn fortress) and Helm's Deep is the ravine behind it ... regarding a proposed film adaptation, Tolkien protested the use of Helm's Deep, stating that, "the 'defence of the Hornburg' would be a better title, since Helm's ...
Deep River (Hikaru Utada album)
... Deep River is the third Japanese studio album (fourth overall) released by American-born Japanese J-pop star Hikaru Utada, released in June 19, 2002 ... Deep River is Japan's 5th highest album in debut sales ... Deep River is the 8th highest selling album in Japan of all time ...
Deep - Other
... The Deep, a 1953 painting by Jackson Pollock The Deep (aquarium), a large underwater aquarium in Hull, England The Deeps, Biblical term Department of Econometrics and Political Economy (Département d'économétri ...
... The name in Afrikaans means "Immeasurably deep hole" and is almost impossible for the average English tongue ... (Try 'Orn me ert bar ah deep xut', where x is the sound of ch in the Scottish pronunciation of 'loch'!) ... The cave system is expressed at the surface as a sinkhole about 50m wide and 20m deep ...

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    Whoever knows he is deep tries to be clear, but whoever wants to seem deep to the crowd tries to be obscure. For the crowd supposes that anything it cannot see to the bottom must be deep: it is so timid and goes so unwillingly into the water.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Laziness brings on deep sleep; an idle person will suffer hunger.
    Bible: Hebrew, Proverbs 19:15.

    And then a tall fat man with stringy hair
    And a manner that was innocent of sin,
    His galluses greasy, his eyes coldly gray,
    Appeared, and with a gravely learned air
    Spoke from the deep coherence of hell....
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)