Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt therapy is an existential/experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility, and that focuses upon the individual's experience in the present moment, the therapist-client relationship, the environmental and social contexts of a person's life, and the self-regulating adjustments people make as a result of their overall situation.

Gestalt therapy was developed by Fritz Perls, Laura Perls and Paul Goodman in the 1940s and 1950s.

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... includes several approaches to counseling and therapy ... and the tragic aspects of human existence and the person-centered or client-centered therapy of Carl Rogers, which is centered on the client's capacity for self-direction and ... Other approaches to humanistic counseling and therapy include Gestalt therapy, which puts a focus on the here and now, especially as an opportunity to look past any preconceived ...
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... Steve Andreas is the son of Barry Stevens, a writer and well-known gestalt therapist ... He was introduced to Gestalt therapy in 1967, and edited Fritz Perls' books, Gestalt Therapy Verbatim and In and Out the Garbage Pail, and wrote Awareness, a book of exercises based on Gestalt Therapy ...
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... The Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Therapy, (AAGT) holds a biennial international conference in various locations – the first was in New Orleans, in 1995 ... The European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) founded in 1985, to gather European individual Gestalt therapists, training institutes and national associations, from more ... Gestalt Australia and New Zealand (GANZ) was formally established at the first "Down Under" Gestalt Therapy Conference held in Perth in September 1998 ...

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