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System Partition And Boot Partition
... In Microsoft Windows's descriptions, the system partition and boot partition refer to The system partition is a primary disk partition that contains the boot sector and files such as ... (Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 use a newer boot loader called BOOTMGR that replaces NTLDR and is configured using BCDEDIT.EXE) ... The boot partition is the disk partition, primary or logical, that contains the Windows operating system files and its support files, but not any files responsible for booting ...
FATX - Technical Design - Boot Sector - Extended BIOS Parameter Block
... Further structure used by FAT12 and FAT16 since OS/2 1.0 and DOS 4.0, also known as Extended BIOS Parameter Block (EBPB) (bytes below sector offset 0x024 are the same as for the DOS 3.31 ... Values 0x7F and 0xFF are reserved for internal purposes such as remote or ROM boot and should never occur on disk ... Some boot loaders such as the MS-DOS/PC DOS boot loader use this value when loading the operating system, others ignore it altogether or use the drive number provided ...

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