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Other Fields

  • Boundaries in landscape history, the divide between areas of differing land use
  • Boundary (real estate), the legal boundary between units of real property
  • Boundary (cricket), the edge of the playing field, or a scoring shot where the ball is hit to or beyond that point
  • Boundaries (television), a 2008 television series
  • Boundary critique, a concept about the meaning and validity of propositions
  • Boundary turbulence, a break in expectation of how private information is held within a group of knowledge owners
  • Boundary (book), the 2006 Baen book by Eric Flint and 
Ryk E. Spoor (presumably science fiction).

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Famous quotes containing the word fields:

    For wheresoe’er I turn my ravished eyes,
    Gay gilded scenes and shining prospects rise,
    Poetic fields encompass me around,
    And still I seem to tread on classic ground.
    Joseph Addison (1672–1719)

    Forget about the precious sight
    of my lover’s face
    that steals away my heart.
    Just seeing the borders
    of the fields on the borders
    of her village
    gives me instant joy.
    Hla Stavhana (c. 50 A.D.)