Million Years

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... with its close relatives in the Cricetodon-Ruscinomys group, which lived in total for 17 million years from 20 million years ago to approximately 3 million years ago ...
Circum-Superior Belt - Geology - Geologic Features
... two volcano-sedimentary series, the first ranging from 2,170 to 2,140 million years old and second ranging from 1,883 to 1,870 million years old ... The youngest magmatic series (1883-1870 Ma) contains 1,880 million-year-old carbonatites and lamprophyres. 1,883 to 1,874 million-year-old mafic and a few ultramafic magmas comprise the Willbob and Hellancourt formations and Montagnais sills ...
Saxothuringian Zone - Geology
... is assumed to be continuous from the Ediacaran to the Visean (330 million years ago) ... Cadomian orogeny (in the Ediacaran, 650-550 million years ago) and intruded by felsic plutons during the Cambrian and Ordovician (540-420 million years ago) ... (flysch) sediments of Ordovician to Devonian age (480-360 million years old) and early Paleozoic mid-oceanic ridge basalts ...
Stellar Kinematics - Kinematic Groups - Stellar Associations - OB Associations
... and will expire as supernovae after roughly a million years ... OB associations are generally only a few million years in age or less ... have burned all their fuel within 10 million years ...
List Of South American Mammals
... by rafting across the Atlantic from Africa by the Oligocene epoch or slightly earlier, 25 million or more years ago ... having migrated from North America via Central America during the past seven million years as part of the Great American Interchange this invasion, which peaked around three million years ... and may have lasted up to several thousand years ...

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    The time passes so quickly during these full and active middle years that most people arrive at the end of middle age and the beginning of later maturity with surprise and a sense of having finished the journey while they were still preparing to commence it.
    Robert Havighurst (20th century)

    Our job is now clear. All Americans must be prepared to make, on a 24 hour schedule, every war weapon possible and the war factory line will use men and materials which will bring, the war effort to every man, woman, and child in America. All one hundred thirty million of us will be needed to answer the sunrise stealth of the Sabbath Day Assassins.
    Lyndon Baines Johnson (1908–1973)