Bjarni is an Icelandic male given name and may refer to:

  • Bjarni Ármannsson resigned as CEO of Glitnir (formerly Íslandsbanki) in May 2007
  • Bjarni Ólafur Eiríksson (born 1982), footballer (defender) from Iceland
  • Bjarni Benediktsson (1908–1970), Prime Minister of Iceland from 1963 to 1970
  • Bjarni Bjarnason (born 1965), Icelandic writer from Reykjavík
  • Bjarni Friðriksson (born 1956), retired Icelandic judoka
  • Bjarni Fritzson (born 1980), Icelandic handball player
  • Bjarni Guðjónsson (born 1979), Icelandic footballer
  • Bjarni Herjólfsson (fl. 10th century) was an Icelandic explorer who sighted America in 986
  • Bjarni Jónsson (born 1920), Icelandic mathematician and logician
  • Bjarni Jónsson (artist) (1934–2008), Icelandic painter
  • Bjarni Thorarensen (1786–1841), Icelandic poet and official
  • Bjarni Tryggvason (born 1945), Icelandic-born Canadian engineer and a former NRC/CSA astronaut
  • Bjarni Viðarsson (born 1988), young Icelandic footballer
  • Kalli Bjarni aka Kalli Bjarni (born 1976), Icelandic singer and winner of Idol Stjörnuleit
    • Kalli Bjarni - Kalli Bjarni, album of songs by Kalli Bjarni

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Bjarni Benediktsson
... Bjarni Benediktsson (30 April 1908 – 10 July 1970) was Prime Minister of Iceland from 14 November 1963 to 10 July 1970 ... Bjarni studied constitutional law and became professor at the University of Iceland at the age of only 24 ... In 1956, when the left-wing parties formed a coalition government, Bjarni, out of office, became editor of Morgunblaðið, a leading conservative newspaper ...
Bjarni Thorarensen
... Bjarni Vigfússon Thorarensen (December 30, 1786 – August 24, 1841) was an Icelandic poet and official ... He was a friend of Jónas Hallgrímsson whose own poetry was influenced by Bjarni's work ... Bjarni's best known work is Íslands minni, also known as Eldgamla Ísafold ...
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Bjarni Fritzson
... Bjarni Fritzson (born 12 September 1980) is an Icelandic handball player who in 2008 played for Saint-Raphaël, Var handball in France ... Persondata Name Fritzson, Bjarni Alternative names Short description Icelandic handball player Date of birth 12 September 1980 Place of birth Iceland Date of death ...
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... Saga of the Greenlanders tells that Leif set out around the year 1000 to follow Bjarni's route with 15 crew members, but going north ...