Aegean may refer to:

  • Aegean Sea
  • Aegean Islands
  • Aegean Region, Turkey
  • Aegean civilization
  • Aegean languages, a group of ancient languages and proposed language family
  • Aegean Sea (theme), a naval theme of the Byzantine Empire
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Aegean Macedonia, another term for the Greek region of Macedonia
  • University of the Aegean, a university based in Mytilene, Greece
  • Ege University, a university based in İzmir, Turkey
  • Aegean (stage), part of the Triassic system in stratigraphy
  • Aegean cat, a cat breed from Greece
  • Aegean Contagion, an alternate name to the 2010 European sovereign debt crisis with reference to its point of origin and a general term for an epidemic

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Seljuk Campaigns In The Aegean
... The Seljuq campaigns in the Aegean refer to the ground and naval actions conducted by the Seljuk Turks, chiefly under the leadership of Tzachas of ... Tzachas contructed the first Turkish navy and captured a few Aegean islands, supplemented by the conquest of Smyrna and Abydos ... His capital, Smyrna, and most of the Aegean coastline were recovered by Doukas in 1097, ending the Turks' direct access to the Aegean ...
... Antipsara (Greek Αντίψαρα) is a small, Greek island in the Aegean Sea ... Articles on the Aegean Sea General Countries Greece Turkey Other Aegean civilization Aegean Islands Aegean dispute Aegean islands Cyclades Amorgos Anafi Andros Antimilos Antiparos Delos Despotiko ...
Aegean Cat - Aegean Characteristics
... The coat of an Aegean is semi-long-haired, without down hair, with a moderate ruff and a rich tail ... The Aegean's coat provides good protection during the harsh winter weather and sheds out short for the summer ... The Aegean is a medium-size variety, with a sturdy and muscular build, without signs of obesity ...
South Aegean Volcanic Arc
... The South Aegean Volcanic Arc is a chain of volcanic islands in the South Aegean Sea formed by plate tectonics as a consequence of the subduction of the African ... The southern Aegean is one of the most rapidly deforming regions of the Himalayan-Alpine mountain belt ... The active portion of the South Aegean Arc comprises a number of dormant and historically active volcanoes, including Aegina, Methana, Milos, Santorini and Kolumbo, and Kos, Nisyros and Yali ...
Slavic Speakers Of Greek Macedonia - Diaspora - Australia
... Further information Macedonian Australian A large self-identifying Aegean Macedonian population also lives in Australia, many of which arrived during the ... There are Aegean Macedonian communities in Richmond, Melbourne, Manjimup, Shepparton, Wanneroo and Queanbeyan ... Lerin Community Centre in Shepparton and the Aegean Macedonian hall - Kotori built in Richmond along with other churches and halls being built in Queanbeyan in Manjimup ...