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Slavic Speakers Of Greek Macedonia - History - Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO)
... Volunteer Corps and fought with the Bulgarian Army ... Others with their bands assisted the Bulgarian army with its advance and still others penetrated as far as the region of Kastoria, southwestern Macedonia ... it played a role in politics by playing upon Bulgarian irredentism and urging a renewed war ...
Battle Of Kresna Gorge - Conflict - Breaking Through The Kresna Pass and Bulgarian Counterattack
... The Greek army was stopped in front of Gorna Dzhumaya by significant Bulgarian resistance ... evening of July 28, under heavy pressure, the Bulgarian army was forced to abandon the town, while it set fire to a quarter of it during the retreat ... On the following day, the counterattacking Bulgarians attempted to encircle the outnumbered Greeks in a Cannae-type battle by applying pressure on their flanks ...
Medieval Bulgarian Army
... The medieval Bulgarian army was the primary military body of the First and the Second Bulgarian Empires ... During the first decades after the foundation of the country, the army consisted of a Bulgar cavalry and a Slavic infantry ... The core of the Bulgarian army was the heavy cavalry, which consisted of 12,000–30,000 heavily armed riders ...
Slavic Speakers Of Greek Macedonia - History - Ohrana and The Bulgarian Annexation During WWII
... of Greece during World War II Ohrana were armed detachments organized by the Bulgarian army, composed of pro-Bulgarian oriented part of the Slavic population in occupied Greek Macedonia during ... was occupied by German, Italian and Bulgarian troops ... The Bulgarian troops occupied the Eastern Macedonia and Western Thrace ...
Battle Of Philippopolis (1208) - The Battle
... The Bulgarian army invaded Thrace and defeated the Crusaders near Stara Zagora ... marched southward and on 30 June 1208 he encountered the main Latin army ... The Bulgarian army outnumbered its enemy - Boril had 33,000 soldiers while Henry had 2,000 knights and several thousand soldiers ...

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