Left Wing

  • (noun): Those who support varying degrees of social or political or economic change designed to promote the public welfare.
    Synonyms: left

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American Airlines Flight 723 - The Crash
... The flight left Bradley at 714 and, once in the Albany terminal area, found poor visibility preventing landings, with several aircraft ahead of theirs in a holding pattern ... Two aircraft left the holding pattern, making attempts to land, but both made missed approaches ... The right wing struck the center tower of the three, then the left wing struck the east tower ...
Adolph Germer
... It was during this period that the Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party emerged as an organized faction ... in orchestrating a series of suspensions, expulsions, and "reorganizations" of various Left Wing states, branches, and locals and thereby controlling the pivotal 1919 Emergency National ...
László Rudas - Biography - Before The 1918 Revolution
... in 1903 as a university student and identified with the revolutionary socialist left wing of the party. 1918 Hungarian Revolution, Rudas consistently stood on the left wing of the Hungarian SDP, voting with a minority of the Central Committee to condemn the Hungarian majority socialists for participation in the ... Hungary within the framework of a monarchy, the left wing sought insurrection leading to establishment of a workers' republic of the Bolshevik type, as was ...
Left-wing Nationalism - Europe
... See also Irish Republicanism, Abertzale, and Brest Charter In Europe, a number of left-wing nationalist movements exist, and have a long and well-established tradition ... Nationalism itself was placed on the left during the French Revolution and the French Revolutionary Wars ... The original left-wing nationalists endorsed civic nationalism which defined the nation as a "daily plebiscite" and as formed by the subjective "will to live together ...
Louis C. Fraina - Biography - Pioneer Communist Theoretician (1917-1919)
... Socialist Party at this time and soon emerged as one of the leader's of the organization's left wing ... first saw print in May 1917, soon became a leading voice of the radical wing of the Socialist Party, individuals who congealed into an organized ... Fraina was the author of the Left Wing Manifesto that served as the fundamental theoretical document of the organized Left Wing Section of the Socialist Party that emerged ...

Famous quotes containing the words wing and/or left:

    But he her fears to cease
    Sent down the meek-eyed Peace;
    She, crowned with olive green, came softly sliding
    Down through the turning sphere,
    His ready harbinger,
    With turtle wing the amorous clouds dividing,
    And waving wide her myrtle wand,
    She strikes a universal peace through sea and land.
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    He was a lucky fox that left his tail in the trap. The muskrat will gnaw his third leg off to be free. No wonder man has lost his elasticity.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)