Zorn is a family name of German origin meaning "wrath". Historically, it was predominantly strong in German influenced cities such as Strasbourg, Kempten, Innsbruck and Würzburg. Especially in the town of Strasbourg, it was one of the most influential families containing over 33 family weapons of the various branches of the family. The oldest recorded ancestor is a Burcard Riplin 1197, noted in a historical chronology U135. His grandchildren took the family name Zorn in 1257.

Today the family name can be frequently found in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz and Thüringen. It is the 979th most common family name in Germany and an estimated 8016 individuals bear the name. Austria is another stronghold of the family name, reaching the position of the 997th most frequent family name with an estimated 1000 individuals. The United States is also a country that has attracted many Zorn immigrants, an estimated 3000 individuals. The family name exists however in many countries all over the world.

People with the surname Zorn include:

  • Johannes Zorn (1739-1799), German pharmacist, botanist and botanical illustrator
  • Anders Zorn (1860–1920), Swedish painter
  • Benjamin Zorn (born 1960), computer scientist, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
  • Max August Zorn (1906–1993), German-born American mathematician
  • Eric Zorn (born (1958), columnist for the Chicago Tribune, grandson of Max
  • Johanna Zorn, producer for Chicago Public Radio, wife of Eric Zorn
  • John Zorn (born 1953), American composer and saxophonist
  • Jim Zorn (born 1952), former National Football League quarterback and head coach
  • Trischa Zorn (born 1964), American swimmer, the most successful Paralympian of all time