Zinoviev, Zinovyev, Zinovieff (Russian: Зиновьев), or Zinovieva (feminine; Зиновьева) is a Russian surname and may refer to:

  • Aleksandr Zinovyev (1922–2006), a Russian logician, sociologist, writer, and satirist
  • Alexander S. Zinoviev, a diplomat
  • Boris Zinovyev (1874–1900), a Russian revolutionary
  • Georgi Zinovyev (1887–1934), a Soviet military leader
  • Grigory Zinoviev (1883–1936), a Bolshevik revolutionary and Soviet politician, see also the Zinoviev letter
  • Ivan Zinovyev (1905–1942), an NKVD capitan and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Peter Zinovieff, a British inventor
  • Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal (1866–1907), a Russian writer
  • Sofka Zinovieff (b. 1961), a British journalist and author

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