ZH may stand for:

  • Canton of Zürich
  • South Holland (Zuid-Holland)
  • Shenzhen Airlines IATA airline designator
  • Zettahenry, an SI unit of inductance
  • Chinese language (ISO 639-1, zh) based on the native name of the Chinese language—zhongwen
  • Zhe (Cyrillic) (Ж), a letter of the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Zh (digraph), a digraph in some languages, such as Albanian, Uyghur (Uyghur Latin script) and Chinese (pinyin). When transliterating into English, "zh" is the usual digraph for the sound in Russian and many other languages. In pinyin, however, it represents the sound .
  • Zero Hedge, a financial blog started in 2009 by a group of Wall Street traders & insiders, posting under the nom-de-plume, 'Tyler Durden'.