Yvonne /ɪˈvɒn/ is a female given name. It is French in origin, and is the female form of Yvon, which is derived from the Germanic name Yves. It is from the Germanic word iv, meaning "yew." This name means "beautiful girl", from the Germanic word Iv meaning "yew."

This name first arrived in England with the Norman invasion, along with variations such as Yvette, and male versions of the same name. It was the most popular of all of these names, but eventually died out from usage. It was reintroduced into English-speaking countries in the early 20th century, when it was very popular. It is currently 173rd in the USA popular names list, but is an uncommon name in younger generations. It has also lost popularity in France, where in 1900, it was the 7th most popular name.

Yvonne has several name days, on the 29th of May in Sweden and August 8th in Norway. Common variations of this name include Evonne, Evone, Yvonette, Ivonette, Ywona, Iwona, Yvonnie, Yvon.

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