Yapa-Hadda, also Yapah-Hadda, was the mayor/ruler of Biruta-(Beirut) of the 1350-1335 BC Amarna letters correspondence.

Yapa-Hadda is referenced in 13 letters of the Amarna letters 382–letter corpus, and specifically in relation to neighboring Gubla-(Byblos), ruled by Rib-Hadda, (who was the most prolific writer of the Amarna letters, (68)). Yapa-Hadda is sometimes the subject of letters, typically involved with his ships, and a collusion of cities, all against Gubla and Rib-Haddi.

Yapa-Hadda is the author of two letters, both sent to the pharaoh, one by way of Šumu-Haddi, (EA 97), the other to the pharaoh by way of an Egyptian commissioner (EA 98), (EA is for 'el Amarna').