Yank may refer to:

  • Yank, the Army Weekly, a newspaper for American soldiers during World War II
  • Yank (physics), the rate of change in force
  • Yanks, a 1979 film
  • A shortened form of Yankee, a slang term (sometimes pejorative) for someone of American origin or heritage
    • A member of the United States soccer team
  • New York Yankees, a Major League Baseball team nicknamed the "Yanks"
  • Yank Adams, a professional billiards player specializing in finger billiards
  • Yank Rachell, a bluesman, mandolin and guitar player.
  • Yank, the name for the copy command in vi and the paste command in Emacs, two commonly used UNIX/Linux text editors.
  • Yank (Automobile), an unsuccessful American sports car
  • USS Yank (SP-908), a patrol vessel that served in the United States Navy from 1917 to 1919.
  • Yank!, an off-Broadway play about homosexual soldiers in World War II.