WIRY is an AM radio station licensed to Plattsburgh, New York. The locally owned and operated radio station broadcasts at 1340 kHz in C-QUAM AM stereo with a full-service variety format.

WIRY is primarily music-formatted, featuring an eclectic variety of formats. The station describes its format as "a careful music rotation of New Country, Adult Contemporary and enough Oldies sprinkled in." The station switches to a classic country format between 2 am and 4 am (and on its Web site during events that it is not permitted to stream online) and plays a full-time oldies format on weekends. There is also a monthly show devoted to big band music.

WIRY has an extensive local presence, even going so far as to have a live local host in the midnight to 2 am slot taking requests (it is increasingly rare, even in major markets, to have such a live host in that time slot). The station also has a live local morning show and an extensive local news and sports bureau, carrying the Plattsburgh Cardinals hockey team in winter months. The station also has a tradio-style program entitled "Swap Shop" and features several creative advertising programs, including a listing of lunch menus from advertisers and a radio help-wanted show entitled "Who's Hiring."

The station serves as an affiliate for the New York Yankees, New York Giants, NBC News Radio, The Beatle Years with Bob Malik and The Country Music Greats Radio Show.

In addition, the station also streams on the Internet. It has streamed continuously since prior to 2002 and survived the Internet radio bust that forced many stations to stop streaming at that time.

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