Who is logan pearsall smith?

Logan Pearsall Smith

Logan Pearsall Smith (18 October 1865 – 2 March 1946) was an American-born essayist and critic.

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    We need two kinds of acquaintances, one to complain to, while to the others we boast.
    Logan Pearsall Smith (1865–1946)

    The word snob belongs to the sour-grape vocabulary.
    —Logan Pearsall Smith (1865–1946)

    He who goes against the fashion is himself its slave.
    Logan Pearsall Smith (1865–1946)

    The old know what they want; the young are sad and bewildered.
    —Logan Pearsall Smith (1865–1946)

    If the egotist is weak, his egotism is worthless. If the egotist is strong, acute, full of distinctive character, his egotism is precious, and remains a possession of the race.
    —Alexander Smith (1830–1867)