Warren originates in the Anglo-Norman term free warren, a royal licence permitting the holder to keep and breed game animals within a defined geographic area in which hunting by others was prohibited. The word is of High Germanic origin werien, to preserve. The word has survived in common usage today only to define a place where rabbits breed and live, thus a network of underground interconnecting rabbit burrows, and by analogy an overcrowded place or building. A warrener was an officer akin to a modern game keeper appointed to enforce the holder's right to maintain his warren.

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    But it thought no bed too narrow—it stood with lips askew
    And shook its great head sadly like the abstract Jew.
    —Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989)

    It is difficult to believe that even idiots ever succumbed to such transparent contradictions, to such gaudy processions of mere counter-words, to so vast and obvious a nonsensicality ... sentence after sentence that has no apparent meaning at all—stuff quite as bad as the worst bosh of Warren Gamaliel Harding.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    In Florida consider the flamingo,
    Its color passion but its neck a question.
    —Robert Penn Warren (1905–1989)