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Famous quotes containing the word verse:

    No far-fetched sigh shall ever wound my breast,
    Love from mine eye a tear shall never wring,
    Nor in Ah me’s my whining sonnets dressed,
    A libertine, fantastically I sing.
    My verse is the true image of my mind,
    Ever in motion, still desiring change;
    Michael Drayton (1563–1631)

    All ye poets of the age,
    All ye witlings of the stage,
    Learn your jingles to reform,
    Crop your numbers to conform.
    Let your little verses flow
    Gently, sweetly, row by row;
    Let the verse the subject fit,
    Little subject, little wit.
    Namby-Pamby is your guide,
    Albion’s joy, Hibernia’s pride.
    Henry Carey (1693?–1743)

    Thus have I made my own opinions clear;
    Yet neither praise expect, nor censure fear:
    And this unpolished, rugged verse I chose,
    As fittest for discourse and nearest prose;
    John Dryden (1631–1700)