Vahana - List of Vahanas

List of Vahanas

Vahana Deities associated Image
Mouse / shrew named Mushika Ganesha (pictured)
Horse Budha, Revanta, Chandra (chariot of 10 white horses), Indra (chariot pulled by a horse named Uchchaihshravas - pictured), Surya (chariot pulled by seven horses or a seven-headed horse), Kubera, Kalki.
Garuda (pictured) Vishnu, Krishna, Vaishnavi.
Ram Agni (pictured), Chandra (chariot of 10 rams).
Nandi bull (pictured) Shiva, Parvati, Maheshvari.
Peacock Murugan (peacock named Parvani, pictured), Sarasvati, Kaumari
Dog Bhairava (a form of Shiva pictured with dog in background), Hadkai Maa
Hamsa (bird) or goose or swan (pictured) Brahma, Sarasvati, Brahmani, Hingraj Mata
Makara Ganga, Varuna (pictured), Kama
Tiger (a form of the Vahana, Dawon) Ayyappan, Durga or Parvati (pictured),
Lion (a form of the Vahana, Dawon) Durga or Parvati, Rahu (blue or black lion), Jagaddhatri (pictured).
Elephant Lakshmi, Indra (elephant named Airavata, pictured), Indrani, Brihaspati.
Parrot Kama
Antelope Chandra (chariot of), Vayu (pictured)
Water Buffalo Yama (pictured), Varahi, Vihot Mata
Cat Shashti
Donkey Kaalratri, Shitala (pictured), Kali (demon)
Owl Lakshmi (pictured with the owl on her right), Chamunda
Eagle Ketu
Vulture Shani
Crow Shani, Alakshmi, Dhumavati (pictured)
Tortoise Yamuna (pictured standing on it), Varuna
Cockerel Bahuchara Mata
Cow Ushas (chariot of seven cows) maha gauri
Snake Kamakhya, Manasa (picture)
Pigeon Rati -
Goats Pushan (chariot of) -
Crocodile (named as Makara Shukra, Varuna (pictured)
Camel Momai Maa (aka Dashaa Maa), Ushtravahini Devi, Kalyana Anajaneya -
Man Kubera

These correspondences are not always consistent. Ganesh, for example, is sometimes shown with a peacock as his vehicle, although a peacock is the customary vehicle of his brother Skanda (also known as Kartikeya and other names) as well as the vehicle sometimes associated with the goddess Saraswati. Even more rarely, the elephant-bodied Ganesh maybe seen riding another elephant, or a lion, or a many-headed serpent.

As the assistant of a deity, the vahana serves the function of doubling his or her powers. Durga the warrior could not have destroyed the demon Mahishasura without the aid of her vehicle, Manashthala the lion. Lakshmi, goddess of fortune, dispenses both material and spiritual riches from her mount, Uluka the owl. Ganesh, remover of obstacles, cannot go everywhere despite his elephant-like strength. However, his vehicle, Mushika the mouse or Ulaka the rat, can slide into the smallest crevice and overcome the greatest obstacles.

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