UNS can mean:

  • Unified Special, a Unified Thread Standard
  • Unnilseptium (Uns), is the former name of the chemical element Bohrium (Bh), element 107
  • Unified numbering system, used to identify alloys
  • Uniform national swing, a system for predicting parliamentary seats in first past the post elections
  • Unión Nacional Sinarquista, a Mexican political movement
  • Universal Night Sight, a weapon mounted night vision device
  • University of Novi Sad, a university in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia
  • National University of the South, a university in Argentina
  • State University of Surakarta (Universitas Negeri Surakarta), a university in Indonesia
  • University of Natural Sciences (Ho Chi Minh City)
  • Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, a 2008 video game for the PlayStation 3.
  • Uns (album)