Li or li may refer to:

  • Li (Confucian), the Confucian concept of ritual
    • Li (Neo-Confucianism), philosophical concept of principle
  • Li people, an ethnic group of China
  • Li (unit), a traditional Chinese unit of length, often used when discussing distance
  • Prunus salicina (Pinyin: lǐ), a Chinese species of plum
  • Li, Norway, a village in Norway
  • Amphoe Li, a district in Lamphun Province, northern Thailand
  • Li, Lamphun, Thailand, a village and subdistrict of Thailand
  • Li River, rivers in China and Thailand
  • Li (surname), a Chinese surname sometimes transliterated Lee
    • Li (李)
    • Lí (黎)
    • Lì (利)
  • 51 (number), written as "LI" in Roman numerals
  • Li or cash (mass), a Chinese weight unit for 1⁄10 candareen
  • Li, the polylogarithm function
  • Li, the logarithmic integral
  • Li County (disambiguation), several counties in China
  • 954 Li, an asteroid
  • License number plate of German district Lindau

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