Trust - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Trust (electronics company), a European producer and designer of computer peripherals and accessories, mainly in the low-budget market
  • Trust (political party), formed by Stuart Wheeler in 2010
  • Trust, North Carolina, United States
  • TRUST, a computer system for tracking trains
  • NHS trust, a public health organization
  • Trust Company Ltd., a car parts company
  • Trust Operation, a Soviet counter-intelligence operation
  • Trust metric, a measurement of the degree to which group members trust each other, as in online networking
  • Trusted system, a computerized system relied on to enforce a security policy
  • Web of trust, a system used in cryptography to establish authenticity
  • Computational trust, generation of trusted authorities or user trust through cryptography
  • Trieste United States Troops, Post World War II (1947–1953) US Army occupation unit responsible supporting the Military Government in the Free Territory of Trieste
  • Trust (magazine), a free tri-annual investment trust magazine

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