Traffic Control

Traffic control may refer to:

  • Air traffic control, a service provided by ground-based controllers who direct aircraft
  • Network traffic control, the manipulation of network traffic to avoid network congestion or to ensure quality of service in telecommunications
    • See also Traffic shaping in computer networks.
  • Road traffic control, directing vehicular and pedestrian traffic around a construction zone, accident or other road disruption
  • Traffic control in shipping lanes
  • Urban (peak-hour) traffic management

Famous quotes containing the words traffic and/or control:

    Cry;—and upon thy so sore loss
    Shall shine the traffic of Jacob’s ladder
    Pitched betwixt Heaven and Charing Cross.
    Francis Thompson (1859–1907)

    If the technology cannot shoulder the entire burden of strategic change, it nevertheless can set into motion a series of dynamics that present an important challenge to imperative control and the industrial division of labor. The more blurred the distinction between what workers know and what managers know, the more fragile and pointless any traditional relationships of domination and subordination between them will become.
    Shoshana Zuboff (b. 1951)