Tango in its most general sense refers to:

  • Argentine tango, a social dance form including Argentine tango
  • Tango (dance), a social dance form including Argentine, Uruguayan, and international ballroom tango
  • Tango music, a genre of music that originated in Argentina and Uruguay

Tango may also refer to:

  • Brazilian Tango, also called maxixe, a music/dance originated in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro in 1868. A subgenre of choro music.
  • Tango (flamenco), a song-form or instrumental-form of flamenco music

TANGO may also refer to:

  • The letter T in the NATO phonetic alphabet
    • and therefore, soldiers may use "Tango" as their slang for an enemy (T)arget
  • A variety of lettuce (Lactuca sativa var tango)

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