Tales of Destiny (2006 Video Game)

Tales Of Destiny (2006 Video Game)

Tales of Destiny (テイルズ オブ デスティニー, Teiruzu obu Desutinī?) is a video game remake in the role-playing video game genre published for the PlayStation 2 console by Namco Bandai Games on November 30, 2006 in Japan. It is a remake of the second game in the Tales series, the original PlayStation Tales of Destiny, which was released on December 23, 1997. Tales of Destiny (PS2)'s characteristic genre name is The Name "Destiny"'s RPG (運命という名のRPG, Unmei to iu na no RPG?).

A Director's Cut of the game with many new features and game modes was released on January 31, 2008 in Japan.

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