Svealand ( listen), Swealand or (rarely or historically) Sweden proper is the historical core region of Sweden. It is located in south central Sweden and is one of three lands of Sweden, bounded to the north by Norrland and to the south by Götaland. Deep forests, Tiveden, Tylöskog, Kolmården, separated Svealand from Götaland. Historically, its inhabitants were called Svear, whereof an English version is the Swea.

Svealand consists of the capital region Mälardalen in the east, Roslagen to the north-east, the former mining district Bergslagen in the center, and Dalarna and Värmland in the west.

The older name of Sweden in Swedish, Svea rike (modern spelling: Sverige) or the "Realm of the Swedes", "Swea Region", originally only referred to Svealand. Other forms are Sweoðeod (Old Norse/Icelandic Svíþjóð), and Sweorice. As the domains of the Swedish kings grew, the name Svealand began to be used to separate the original territory from the new.

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