Sturt is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Charles Sturt (1795-1869), an English explorer of Australia
  • George Sturt (1863-1927), an English writer on rural crafts and affairs who also wrote under the pseudonym George Bourne
  • Henry Sturt, 1st Baron Alington
  • Humphrey Sturt (c.1725-1786), a British architect
  • Humphrey Sturt, 2nd Baron Alington
  • Michael Sturt, (b.1941), an English businessman and cricketer
  • Montague Sturt, (1876-1961), English cricketer
  • Napier Sturt, 3rd Baron Alington

Places and things named after Charles Sturt include

  • Sturt, South Australia
  • City of Charles Sturt
  • Sturt Highway
  • Division of Sturt, a federal electoral district of the Australian House of Representatives in South Australia.
  • Sturt Football Club, an Australian Rules Football club in the South Australian National Football League

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