Strong City

Strong City may refer to places in the United States:

  • Strong City, Kansas, a city
  • Strong City, Oklahoma, a town
  • Lord Our Righteousness Church, New Mexico, a religious community sometimes called Strong City, and the subject of the National Geographic documentary "Inside a Cult"

Famous quotes containing the words strong and/or city:

    Say never the strong heart
    In the consuming breath
    Cries out unto the dark
    The skinny death.
    Allen Tate (1899–1979)

    Och, Dublin City, there is no doubtin’,
    Bates every city upon the say;
    ‘Tis there you’ll see O’Connell spoutin’,
    An’ Lady Morgan makin’ tay;
    For ‘tis the capital of the finest nation,
    Wid charmin’ pisintry on a fruitful sod,
    Fightin’ like divils for conciliation
    An’ hatin’ each other for the love of God.
    Charles James Lever (1809–1872)