Fe or FE may refer to:

  • Iron (element)
  • Fe (rune), the f-rune ᚠ of the Younger Futhark
  • Fe (Souled American album)
  • Fe (Reyli album)
  • "Fe" (song), a song by Jorge González
  • Fe (baseball), Cuban League baseball team
  • FE-Schrift, a typeface used on vehicle registration plates in Germany
  • FE exam or Fundamentals of Engineering exam
  • Further education, post-16, non-University education in the UK
  • Field emission, an emission of electrons induced by external electromagnetic fields
  • Flight engineer
  • Nikon FE, a 35mm SLR camera
  • Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste or Danish Defence Intelligence Service
  • Leap year starting on Tuesday's dominical letter
  • Primaris Airlines' IATA code
  • Province of Ferrara's ISO 3166-2:IT code
  • FE, part of Mazda's F engine family
  • Ford FE engine