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Famous quotes containing the word stevens:

    Swiftly in the nights,
    In the porches of Key West,
    Behind the bougainvilleas
    After the guitar is asleep,
    Lasciviously as the wind,
    You come tormenting.
    —Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    The mind is the great poem of winter, the man,
    Who, to find what will suffice,
    Destroys romantic tenements
    Of rose and ice....
    —Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)

    The wind attendant on the solstices
    Blows on the shutters of the metropoles,
    Stirring no poet in his sleep, and tolls
    The trand ideas of the villages.
    The malady of the quotidian. . . .
    —Wallace Stevens (1879–1955)