Ku, KU, Kū or ku may refer to:


  • Ku band, a band of microwave radio frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Ku (protein), a protein involved in DNA repair
  • Ku, the proposed chemical symbol for kurchatovium (later named rutherfordium)
  • KU, Krebs units, a measure of viscosity of paint


  • In the United States:
    • Kean University in Union Township, New Jersey
    • University of Kansas
    • Kettering University, in Flint, Michigan
    • Kutztown University, in Pennsylvania
  • In Africa, Asia and Europe
    • Khulna University (Khulna,Bangladesh)
    • Karunya University (Tamil Nadu,India)
    • Kampala University (Uganda)
    • Kandahar University(Afghanistan)
    • Kathmandu University (Dhulikhel, Nepal)
    • Kuvempu University (Karnataka, India)
    • Kismayo University (Somalia)
    • Klaipėda University (Lithuania)
    • Konkuk University (South Korea)
    • Korea University (South Korea)
    • Korea University (Japan)
    • University of Karachi (Pakistan)
    • Kasetsart University (Thailand)
    • The University of Copenhagen (Københavns Universitet) (Denmark)
    • Kanagawa University (Japan)
    • Kuwait University (Kuwait)


  • Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacy group(s)
  • The ancient Chinese Emperor Ku of Three August Ones and Five Emperors
  • Wards of Japan (区, ku?), a type of city subdivision
  • Kuwait Airways (IATA code)
  • Kentucky Utilities, an American electric utility company based in Lexington, Kentucky
  • Kū or Kū-ka-ili-moku, the Hawaiian god of war
  • Ku-a-manuia, 15th century sovereign king of Oahu
  • Kurdish language in the ISO 639 (alpha-2) code for language names
  • Ku (language), a constructed language created for the 2005 film The Interpreter
  • Ku (kana), romanization of the Japanese kana く and ク
  • Konstitutionsutskottet, the Committee on the Constitution (Parliament of Sweden)
  • Kommunistisk Ungdom (Communist Youth), the former name of the Young Left (Sweden).
  • Young Conservatives (Denmark) (Konservativ Ungdom), the Young Conservatives (Denmark)
  • Ku, the original name of the Privilege Ibiza nightclub
  • Khonds, an aboriginal tribe of India
  • Slangs:
    • Ku or Kuu, Japanese Pop-star Kumi Koda's nickname given by her fans
    • A shortened version of cool (used in instant messaging)
  • Kose-Uuemõisa, Estonia
  • Kū, another form for the Japanese Kyū, the number nine, and a term in martial arts.


  • In the alien language from the fictional movie Kin-dza-dza!, replaces majority of conventional words (the exact meaning is always guessed from context).