Scan Conversion - Some Examples

Some Examples

Up conversion (interpolation):

  • In many LCD monitors there is a native picture mode, however the monitor can display different graphical modes using a scan converter.
  • In a 100 Hz/120Hz analog TV, there is a scan converter circuit which converts the vertical frequency (refresh rate) from standard 50/60Hz to 100/120Hz to achieve a low level of flicker which is important in large screen (high inch) TVs.
  • An external TV card receives the TV signals and converts them to VGA or SVGA format to display on monitor.

Down conversion (decimation):

  • Many graphic cards have output for standard-definition television. Here there is a conversion from computer graphical modes to TV standard formats.
  • Other graphic cards lack an SDTV output, but their VGA outputs can still be connected to an SDTV through an external scan converter (pictured).

Scan conversion serves as a bridge between TV and computer graphics technology.

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