Saxena is an Indian surname, and a part of the Kayastha clan.

According to Saxena tradition, their name is from Sanskrit Sakhasen ("friend of the army"). Another theory also states that it has been derived from "Shakasena" or the "sena" (army) of "Shaka" region. They were the rulers of Ancient Shaka regions. Mythological belief says that Saxena is one of the twelve sons of Chitragupta. Saxenas are basically Kshatriyas, in terms of the class division of society. In modern times their status was enhanced due to their educational achievements and their role in maintaining land records and army administrations. Maharaja Tikait Rai bahadur, Diwan of Avadh is a true example of many. As per Kayastha mythology, Saxena are descendents of Matimaan a skilled warrior and having knowledge of army statistics, one of the twelve sons of Lord King Chitragupta (record keeper of births & deaths) and Irawati.

Saxenas are found predominantly in North India, mainly in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand.

Surnames and Variants: Agochiya, Saxena, Saksena, Bisaria, Johari, Sinha, Raizada, Sinharaj, Varma, etc.

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