Savolainen is a Finnish surname. People with this surname include:

  • Heikki Savolainen (actor) (1922–1975), an actor whose most notable role was the part of Hietanen in The Unknown Soldier
  • Jarmo Savolainen (1961–2009), jazz keyboardist

In sports:

  • Heikki Savolainen (gymnast) (1907–1997), a two-time Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics
  • Erkki Olavi Savolainen (1917–1993), boxer
  • Jaana Savolainen (b. 1964), cross-country skier
  • Juska Savolainen (b. 1983), footballer
  • Jussi-Pekka Savolainen (b. 1986), footballer
  • Marko Savolainen (b. 1973), heavy-weight IFBB bodybuilder
  • Mykola Savolaynen (b. 1980), Ukrainian triple jumper
  • Vili Savolainen (b. 1985), footballer
  • Ivan Savin (real name Ivan Ivanovich Savolainen; 1899–1927), Russian poet and writer.
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