Ruy Lopez - Uncommon Black Third Moves

Uncommon Black Third Moves

Here is a list of less common third moves for Black:

  • 3...a5 (Bulgarian Variation)
  • 3...b6 (Rotary Defense or Albany Defense)
  • 3...Na5 (Pollock's Defense)
  • 3...Nb8 (Retreat Variation)
  • 3...d5 (Sawyer's Gambit)
  • 3...Qe7 (Vinogradov Variation)
  • 3...Be7 (Lucena Defense)
  • 3...Bb4 (Alapin's Defense)
  • 3...f6 (Nuremberg Defense)
  • 3...g5 (Brentano Defense)

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