RTI or Rti may refer to:

  • Ramp travel index - a measure of an off road vehicle articulation - ability to keep all wheels in contact with the ground over uneven terrain
  • Reflectance Transformation Imaging - a computational photographic method that can reveal hidden details about cultural or forensic artefacts
  • Regional Training Institute - operated by U.S. National Guard Bureau, within Total Army School System
  • Relative Temperature Index
  • Response to Intervention - RTI or RtI; Related to education; involves examining the performance of individuals after an educational intervention
  • Right to Information Act, a law enacted by the Parliament of India giving access to government records
  • Road Traffic Information - the GPS navigation system in Volvo cars
  • Rti (Lučani), a village in Serbia
  • Response Time Index - a measure of the thermal responsiveness of fire sprinklers
  • Real time information - a major change in the United Kingdom PAYE system due to come into effect in 2013 whereby employers report payments to employees ex tempore instead of at year end, as per the current system

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