Robb is a surname of Scottish origin, formed from a diminution (reduction) of the name Robert. Robert was a popular name, especially after its use by three Scots Kings in the fourteenth century. Rob started to be used as a surname in the decades before 1500 with early groupings in Aberdeenshire, Lanarkshire and Perthshire/Stirlingshire. The surname originated as Rob, sometimes Robe, but the vast majority of families had added an extra 'b' by 1800, an exception being a wealthy farming family that settled in Thirsk, Yorkshire. Although the surname originates in Scotland, Protestant branches of the family settled in Ireland during the sixteenth century Plantations, amongst them the Robb of Timpany family. Although largely a Protestant name Father John Rob was appointed Rector to the Scots College in Douai in 1632, and Father Thomas Rob to the same post in 1671. Along with Robb of Timpany the other armorial Robb family used the surname Robe, descending from Reverend James Robe of Kilsyth (1688–1753), son of Reverend Michael Rob of Cumbernauld (1645–1721). From Ireland many Robbs emigrated to the New World, where the surname sometimes became Raab, although many Robbs in the New World are Raubs of German origin. The name is often recorded as a sept of the Clan MacFarlane who were based historically on the eastern side of Loch Lomond, but this only stems from an early inclusion of MacRobb as a MacFarlane sept, and no solid link between the, largely, lowland surname and highland clan has yet been found.

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