Rhind may refer to:

  • Aaron Rhind (born 1991), Australian swimmer
  • Alexander Rhind (1821–1897), American Naval officer
    • USS Rhind (DD-404), US destoyer named after him
  • Alexander Henry Rhind (1833–1863), Scottish lawyer
    • Rhind Lectures, a series of lectures on topics of archaeology originally funded by a bequeath from him
    • Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, Egyptian papyrus named after him
  • David Rhind (1808–1883), Scottish architect
  • David William Rhind (born circa 1945), British geographer
  • James Robert Rhind (1854–1918), Scottish architect
  • John Rhind (1836–1889), Scottish architect
  • John Rhind (sculptor) (1828–1892), Scottish sculptor, father of William Birnie Rhind and J. Massey Rhind
  • J. Massey Rhind (1860–1936), Scottish-American architectural sculptor
  • Julian Rhind-Tutt (born 1968) English actor
  • William Birnie Rhind (1853-1933), Scottish architectural sculptor
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