Resistance - Politics and Military

Politics and Military

  • Resistance movement, a group trying to thwart foreign occupation
    • Resistance during World War II
    • French Resistance
    • Polish Resistance
  • Resistance (socialist youth organisation), an Australian Marxist organisation
  • Draft resistance, organized or personal opposition to military conscription
  • HMS Resistance, the name of four ships of the Royal Navy, and one planned one
  • Resistance (military) is the ability of an organized force to stand on the defensive
  • White Aryan Resistance
  • Resistance: Journal of the Earth Liberation Movement, an earth liberation magazine
  • Resistance (YBNP), from 2011, new name of Young BNP (age 18-30)

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Famous quotes containing the words politics and/or military:

    The history of American politics is littered with bodies of people who took so pure a position that they had no clout at all.
    Ben C. Bradlee (b. 1921)

    The schoolmaster is abroad! And I trust to him armed with his primer against the soldier in full military array.
    Jeremy Bentham (1748–1832)