Reserved - Military


  • Military reserve, military units not initially committed to battle
  • Military reserve forces, are units formed of military personnel making a long term commitment to train part-time and maintain military skills.
  • Reserve components of the United States armed forces, "the Guard and Reserves"
  • Primary Reserve component of the Canadian Forces
  • War Reserve Stock, a collection of war fighting material held in reserve in pre-positioned storage to be used if needed in wartime
  • Regular Army Reserve of Officers, British Army officers holding regular commissions who are in receipt of retired pay and are held on the strength of the Regular Army until they reach the age of fifty five. RARO officers retain their rank and commissions and are liable for recall to active duty as required by the Ministry of Defence.

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Famous quotes containing the word military:

    Stately as a galleon, I sail across the floor,
    Doing the military two-step, as in the days of yore.
    Joyce Grenfell (1910–1979)

    His ugliness was the stuff of legend. In an age of affordable beauty, there was something heraldic about his lack of it. The antique arm whined as he reached for another mug. It was a Russian military prosthesis, a seven-function force-feedback manipulator, cased in grubby pink plastic.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    The transformation of the impossible into reality is always the mark of a demonic will. The only way to recognize a military genius is by the fact that, during the war, he will mock the rules of warfare and will employ creative improvisation instead of tested methods and he will do so at the right moment.
    Stefan Zweig (18811942)